About the Company

LindsayMcGuire.com was created to be of service to the mom entrepreneur.

No matter if you are just transitioning into your business from your day job, getting back into working after having a baby or expanding your well-established business, I am here to help.

I provide services to empower women to take control of their online presence.

Running an online business is one of the best ways you to work from home while still supporting the needs of your family. I can make the process of creating and maintaining your website not so scary. In fact, you may just find yourself having a bit of fun! Check out the free WordPress 101 training to get started NOW! Each lesson is short and sweet so you can get back to being mom.

I also like to introduce you to other women who are rockin’ it so you can steal some of their secrets. On top of that I review products and services that I find most helpful as a WAHM. That way you don’t have to sift through it all.

About Lindsay

I had my son while I was working & living over 12 hours from the rest of my family. Shortly after he was born I realized that things needed to change. I was working long hours, pumping all day, breastfeeding all night, not spending enough quality time with my family. I was exhausted.

After a long talk, we decided to move back home. No jobs lined up, no place to live, but I knew in my heart that it was the right decision. Luckily when I told my job that I was moving back home they let me work as a contractor from home and we crashed with family for a few months until we found a place.

Things started to turn around. My husband found a job, I was working from home. We started to get more sleep. Our son got to hang out with his family and really bond with them.

Then one day I stumbled across Gabrielle Bernstein. Bought up all her books, joined HerFuture.com and things started to happen fast. Through Gabby I found Marie Forleo. With the help of these ladies I was finally able to be honest with myself about what I wanted out of my life and my career.

I used Marie’s free training videos to start expanding my business and do what I love. Then this past year through the success of my business I was able to invest in B-School.

I have been cut the amount of time I work in half, devoting more time to my family. I work with women that I truly enjoy working with. I only take on projects that I feel are best suited for me and the client.

Most importantly, I am in charge of my schedule. I am able to work in Dr. appointments, Little Gym classes, lunches with friends, naps, cleaning, cooking, laundry and everything else that moms have to juggle. All this while running my business.

I live in the mid-west with my husband, close to our family. We have a 2-year-old son and a little girl on the way. We also have a special-needs weenie dog who spends most of his day sleeping or sitting on the porch.