Business Coaching

My go-to gal for business coaching is Alara at Big Hearts Unite.

In a very small amount of time she was able to help me grow exponentially.

Alara helped me:

  • Make the most out of my B-School experience.
  • Re-structure my website and have a successful re-launch.
  • Gain confidence to speak to my target market (that’s you, mama!).
  • Brainstorm products and services that are perfect for Mom Entrepreneurs.
  • Provide free services that are specifically created for YOU!
  • Streamline my process. As a mom you know how big of a deal this is.

And we covered all of this in two small sessions. Crazy!

At first it was hard for me to justify spending money on a business coach, but after my experience with Alara I realize how crazy that thought was. Getting advice from someone outside of yourself and those around you every day can really accelerate your growth and creativity.

Her blog offers tons of free advice and information for creative entrepreneurs, so be sure to check it out!