Healthy Mama

Melissa at Fit & Healthy Mamas saved my life. You may think I am being dramatic, but believe me…it is an honest statement.

Before Melissa I was over-stressed, over-worked, worn down, you get the idea.

I was a new mom who would count down the minutes until I could lay back down and hopefully get some sleep. I was living off crappy food and caffeine.

Now I am sooo much better off, check it out:

  • I have created a business that is sustainable for me. I no longer work crazy hours and create time for myself and my family.
  • I enjoy every one of my clients I get to work with. That wasn’t always the case before.
  • I have a smoothie or green juice on most days.
  • I sleep. New mamas know how hard this can be at first. I realized its OK to ask for help. In doing so you won’t go crazy-pants on your family. They sure do appreciate a well-rested mama!
  • I substitute my usually caffeinated drinks with sparkling water.
  • I realized its OK not to be perfect. I know that small changes every day will help much more than some elaborate plan to get healthy. I just try to have a sweet potato instead of a chocolate chip cookie every once and a while.

She offers many services for every mom. Be sure to check her out! She will even give you ideas on how to make the rest of your family more healthy as well. We all know how picky toddlers and husbands can be, she can help you with that.